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10 Content Ideas for When You're Feeling Stuck as a Teacher Seller

10 Ideas to Use for Content when “Stuck”

Raise your hand if you relate! You are so invested in your business…you literally put your all into it and you produce amazing resources. You know that in order to grow your business, you need an appearance on social media as well! As the perfectionist that you are (because let's be honest, all teachers and former teachers are perfectionist) you schedule content that appeals to your audience! BUT for some reason, you are feeling stuck. You just do not know what to post this upcoming day, week, or even month because you feel like you have posted it all! 


Alright, whose hand is up? 


Most likely you are raising your hand– because at some point– we all have found ourselves in this situation! It happens to me as well and I hear this often from those in my program, Thriving Teacher Academy. That is why today, I want to share with you ten ideas to use for content, when you feel you are “stuck’


Tip One- Reintroduce Yourself 

Tell your audience who you are and why you are the best at what you do! Make it fun and personal by making it a reel or adding a photo of yourself. We have talked before about how people buy from those that they trust– well in order for others to trust you, they need to know who you are!  So tell your audience who you are and remind them why they are following you!


Tip Two- Share Facts About Your Niche  

The goal is to be seen as an expert in your specific niche. To achieve this, you need to be posting facts or tips about your specific niche! 


For example, if you are a resource creator for TpT (which alot of you are), you can give a fact about SEO and getting organic views on your resources. Or you can post about what kind of resources are most popular! You could even post a fact about TpT– really anything in your niche!  People will see you as an expert and come to you with questions– which is the goal! 


Tip Three- Share a Free Resource 

If you don't have a freebie made yet, you need to! Freebies are a good way to build your business and credibility. Plus, you can build an email list this way. 


If you are in a content slump, make an image or a reel showing off your free resource and direct people to your bio to download it!  This is a great way to show others that you know what struggles they are going through and you have a solution to help them. 


Need help making a freebie? Check out my Thriving Teacher Academy course! I will walk you through exactly how to do this.


Tip Four- Share a Struggle in Your Life

Share a struggle you are having right now. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed with work. Maybe you need a “mental break”, or maybe you are afraid to get in front of the camera and make reels.  Whatever It is, share your struggles! It helps your audience trust you more when they see you being open. 


Tip Five- Throwback Picture or Resource  

Throw it back and post a resource you created before! Maybe it was one of your first, or maybe it is one of the most popular/ most bought! Whatever it is, show it off and explain to your audience why it is so awesome that you are bringing it up again! 


Most likely you have new followers– so they will appreciate this resource! 


Tip 6- Favorite Classroom Finds 


Teachers love cheap, unique finds…especially when they are from Target! I know I am guilty! Have you found a cool little gadget or classroom accessory that you want to share with your audience! Post about it! Your audience will truly appreciate this! 


I saw one of the teachers I follow post about a hard pencil case they found at Target that allows them to store small things in their classroom such as dice, letters, marbles— you know, all the things that typically get lost! 


Help a fellow teacher out! Post a classroom find! 

Tip 7-Niche Related Question 

This goes back and relates to my second tip but instead of sharing facts about your niche— post a question you often hear in your niche and then answer it!  For example, for me, as a TpT coach, one question I always hear is “how can I sell my resources on social media?” 


I could pose this question on social media and then write a caption, create a reel, or make a carousel answering this question! Not only am I going to be seen as an expert, but I am also solving a problem my audience needs help with! 

Tip 8- A Win From the Week

There is too much negativity in this world-change it up and bring some positivity to your audience’s page by sharing a win! 


  1. Did you create a new resource? 
  2. Did you get an awesome testimonial? 
  3. Did you get new clients? 
  4. Did you get past fears? 


Whatever you feel you succeeded that week, share it! Your audience will love to hear about it! 


Tip 9- Ask for Advice on Something You are Struggling With 


Show you are human! Show that you are struggling with something and allow your audience to help you and give you advice! This will do three things: 

  1. It brings engagement to your post! You will have tons of comments offering you advice. 
  2. It shows your audience that you struggle as well 
  3. It shows you who is an expert in their field! 


Plus, what an awesome way to better yourself and learn more information


Tip 10-Make a Reel of Something You are Working On

Reels: This is the number one way to bring eyes on your pa! Instagram promotes reels across their platform and allows others to find you! 


Use this to your advantage and create a reel! You have two options here: 

  1. Get in front of the camera- there are so many trends going on right now! Pick a trend, and show your personality! You can do a dance, talk to your audience, or use captions to get your point across! 
  2. Stay behind the camera- not everyone likes to show their face and that's okay! You can still make reels! We talked about ways in my last podcast episode! Check it out! 


What else would you like to know about building genuine connections with your audience? Let us know!


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