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Challenges of Being a Teacher Business Owner

The Challenges of a Teacherpreneur Journey

We all know that being a teacherpreneur can be hard! You can have your business plan, your social media strategy, your email sequence, the best resources, and everything set up—but then, something throws you for a loop. I mean, in every business, nothing goes according to plan. BUT that does not mean you won't come out of the situation stronger.


The thing is, we cannot predict the outside forces that will come in that will present challenges to us and our business, but, there are a handful of obstacles that we face in our journey that are because of us. We CAN take care of those and work to improve them and in turn, improve our business.   


Today we will be looking at a topic that is a little different than the rest. We will be looking at some of the obstacles and challenges you may face in your journey. But here is the beauty of it, we will also look at how you can overcome these obstacles! 


Time Management 

I get it….I really do. Life can be so busy. Some of you may be parents. Some of you may be a teacher in the classroom full time. Some of you just have outside factors that I can not even think of and it makes running a business difficult!  There are times when I also struggle to balance my home life and my work life. 


Time management is so important when being a teacherpreneur. You need to find a balance between work and personal life, or else it is easy to burn out and not put your all into your business. 


I know, easier said than done right? Here are my top three tips when it comes to time management. 


  1. Plan out your weekly schedule- whether you are a paper and pencil scheduler, or a google calendar scheduler, pick whatever works best for you and plan out your week. Write down the times you are focusing on your business and what days/ times you are doing work around your house. This will help you stay on track and put the time and effort into all aspects of your life.


  1. Stop Procrastinating- let's be honest, we are all guilty of putting off our work and saying “I will just do it later”. By doing this, you are putting more stress on yourself down the line. Do the work now! 


  1. Stay Organized- Part of this goes hand in hand with time management but there is another aspect as well. Be sure to keep your resources in folders that make sense to you. That way, when it is time to do your business work, you can optimize your time.  


The Thought Everything Needs to be “Perfect”

We are teachers….it is in our blood to believe that everything needs to be perfect. BUT here's the thing….by trying to make your work picture-perfect, you are burning yourself out, not focusing your energy on other aspects of your business, and not making as many resources. 


Is it important that your resources and content are done to the best of your ability—of course! BUT you do not have to have every little thing perfect. Here’s the thing, teachers find your resources because they have a problem that they need help with. They need help making a lesson for their students. YOU have the lesson that they need. 


They do not need your content to be perfect, they just need your content to solve their problem and help them educate their students.  Think of it as a teacher. When you have a lesson, no matter how much planning you put into it, does it always come out picture perfect and 100 percent as you had planned. NO! There are always hiccups along the way, and as time goes on, you fix those hiccups. 


The same can be said with your resource. There may be some hiccups and imperfections, but we are human! Fix them as you go!  So yes, do the best that you possibly can, but do not stress the small stuff! 



I am going to get real with you for a second….obstacle number three….is your excuses. Let me know if you’ve ever felt this way.


You think about all the things you can say to yourself that will make it easier to put off the things that could make such a huge difference in your future. You can make an excuse for everything. I’ve done it so many times - ”I’ll do it tomorrow, I just don’t have the time right now, I have too much going on at the moment, I’ll do it when I get some time off” - all things I wish I would have put out of my head YEARS ago.


The thing is, all of those excuses that are holding you back, your future self will thank you for starting them today!  You might be at the point in your journey where you want to scale, but you are telling yourself “ Oh but now is not the time because……” OR maybe you are new in your journey and you want to announce your business to your friends and family but you are thinking ….” Well now is not the time, I am afraid of what they would think”. 


No matter if your excuse is time, money, fear, or any other factor…..it is an excuse and it is holding you back!  So here is my challenge for you! Make a list of what you want to accomplish this next month. Write them down and then each day, do one thing that will help propel you to accomplishing those goals. No excuses. No procrastination. No doubt in your head. No matter how small your step is, do one step a day towards your goal. 


You will be shocked how far you will grow in one month.  So stop making those excuses and do something that will benefit YOU.


Not Investing In Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a teacherpreneur is not investing in yourself and your business.  You do not have to do everything by yourself. If you feel as though you need help with content creation, optimizing your posts, social media…literally anything you can think of, there is someone that can help you! AND it is OKAY to ask for help!


It does not mean you are not good at what you do, it simply means that you value your business enough and you know your expertise and want help in another area. OR it could also mean that you value your business enough that you want to not work as many hours so the hours you DO work, you can devote 100 percent of your time and energy. 


Do not be afraid to reach out to virtual assistants for help. Yes, it is some money out of pocket but it can help grow your business.  On the same hand, do not be afraid to invest in a course to help you! Is there a course on SEO? Or a course in creating content? Invest! Just like I stated a minute ago, it may be an initial investment but the skills you can bring to your business are unmatchable! 


While we are talking about investing in yourself…..Do not to forget to invest in yourself with what you love. Want to go on a vacation but worried about your business? DO IT! Your business will be there but sometimes we need to take a little mental break from it all to really put 100 percent of our time and energy into what we do.  


Investing in yourself and your business does not have to just be money! It can be emotionally and mentally as well.  Maybe your investment is spending a taco night with your family…….if you know me, you KNOW that is my investment! Whatever you need to help you grow your business, do! 


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