#27 Leveraging Your Teaching Skills into a Profitable Freelance Service Interview with Aubree Malick

Season #2

Aubree Malick is a boy mom, former teacher, and host of the Freelancer to CEO podcast. Through her podcast and programs, she helps overworked and underpaid moms and (soon-to-be former) teachers experience the freedom and joy that comes from designing a freelancing business with the skills they already have. After taking her own leap of faith over three years ago and replacing her teaching income within two months, she became passionate about helping other women start and grow their own businesses to 5K+ months from home. When she’s not supporting her own freelance clients (still walking that walk!) or members of her programs, you can find her looking for her next DIY project, binging her fav reality TV shows, or snuggled up on the couch with her boys.


Within three months of starting as a freelancer, she was able to serve enough clients to know this was a business that she could leave her teaching job for and be able to spend more time with her family.


Still wanting to teach others, she started her Freelancer to CEO podcast, then coaching programs and courses, to help overwhelmed freelancers (especially moms and teachers) to start and scale virtual assistant businesses from home.


Where you can find Aubree:

Website: https://aubreemalick.com/

Podcast: "Freelancer to CEO" with Aubree Malick https://aubreemalick.com/blog/

Social links (IG + TT): https://www.instagram.com/aubreemalick/ https://www.tiktok.com/@aubreemalick


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