#30 Batching Mistakes and How to Fix Them as a Teacher Seller Interview with Erin Waters

Season #2

In this interview, Erin Waters shares all her advice, tips, and strategies for batching content effectively as a teacher seller. Erin is a mom of 2 and has been a TpT Seller for 9 years on TpT. She is the founder of School of Sellers, an online community for TpT sellers. Erin also hosts the School of Sellers Podcast. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things teacherpreneur related!


You can find Erin here:

Instagram: @school.of.sellers

TikTok: @schoolofsellers

Free Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/schoolofsellers

6 Minute Batch Master: https://schoolofsellers.com/6-min/

Website: www.schoolofsellers.com