#31 What I Would Focus on if I was JUST STARTING OUT as a Teacher Business Owner

Season #3

What I would focus on if I was JUST STARTING OUT.

When I first started to take my business seriously and look at it like an actual business I spent a lot of time doing exactly what you're doing right now. Watching youtube videos, listening to podcasts, so much googling, and reading blog posts… and was subscribed to I'm sure dozens of email newsletters. I was hungry for advice about how to get my business started and get it actually making money. I'm guessing you can probably relate.


Now I really appreciate all the advice that I got from so many mentors during that phase, but I have to say that sometimes the advice can actually be the problem, because as you read those blog posts and listen to the podcast and watch the youtube videos, you get so many different ideas for things that you could be working on and you feel like maybe you should be, and it can make it really difficult to know exactly what you ACTUALLY should be focusing on when you're first starting out.


So in this episode I want to give you my best advice for exactly what to focus on when you're first starting out and this is based on in retrospect what I see actually made the difference versus other things that were actually just distracting me from the work I needed to do.


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