#33 5 Steps to Creating a Brand that Makes an Impact

Season #3

Creating a brand that makes an impact will make a world of difference in how your business thrives. You will walk away with 5 steps that you can use today to take action! You’ll have more confidence in diving into what may seem to be overwhelming or daunting, and you’ll know what next steps to take.


Thank you to today’s sponsor, Kim Thornton. Kim has a fabulous TPT Store called Game Learning Classroom that is filled with highly engaging games to help students thrive. Second and third grade students will get plenty of practice using the self-checking, engaging and fun resources in each product. The games give students a sense of independence.


As they play each game, read each book with writing prompts and enjoy a little friendly competition that will help them learn on their level. Game Learning Classroom offers no preparation to any teacher, homeschool mom and child. Each game and activity is perfect for second and third graders in centers, homework, independent learning and group settings.


When you check out Kim’s store you’ll find printable color by letter pages, books with word-searches and writing prompts, search and reveal games, tic-tac-toe, escape rooms and other fun digital games. You can find the links to her store and where to find her on Instagram in the shownotes. Be sure to check out Game Learning Classroom for your second and third grade learning needs. Thank you again so much to Kim Thorton for sponsoring today’s episode.


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