#43 Amplifying Your Teacherpreneur Business with Facebook Ads: Insights from Jenzaia DiMartile

Season #3

In this episode, host Jillian Fernandez interviews Jenzaia DiMartile, a tea-drinking, outdoor-loving toddler momma, teacher & marketing expert, and the founder of JD Teacherpreneur Marketing. Jenzaia shares her journey to becoming a Facebook Ads strategist and how she helps ambitious course creators, service providers, and coaches amplify lead generation, grow their email lists and ultimately make more money with their signature offers.


Jenzaia highlights some common mistakes teacherpreneurs make with their Facebook advertising campaigns and stresses the importance of having a clear target audience in mind when creating a Facebook ad. She walks us through her process for creating a successful Facebook ad campaign for a teaching business, and discusses the most important metrics to track when running a Facebook ad campaign.


Jenzaia also shares some tips on how to effectively target the right audience on Facebook to maximize the success of an ad campaign. She emphasizes the role of ad copy and visuals in the success of a Facebook ad campaign for a teaching business and discusses some strategies for testing and optimizing a Facebook ad campaign to ensure it's performing at its best.


Finally, Jenzaia shares some examples of successful Facebook ad campaigns she has managed for teacherpreneurs and what made them successful. She also provides insights on how teacherpreneurs can effectively use Facebook Ads to grow their email list and reach more potential customers. Tune in to this episode to learn from Jenzaia's valuable expertise in Facebook advertising for teacherpreneurs!


To connect with Jenzaia you can find her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heyitsjenzaia/ Or Check out her podcast: marketscalegrow.com/listennow


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