Thriving Teacher Course Academy

Are you dreaming of a way to make full time income from home using the skills  you already have as a teacher, AND that allows you to work from wherever you are, help as many people as possible, and generate passive income... 

Skip the details, I'm ready!

Have you been thinking about...


Creating a course, but you don't know where to start. Or do you have questions like...

  • What would I even create an online course about?
  • Why would anyone listen to ME when there are so many experts out there?
  • How do I build an audience to sell my course to?
  • How would I launch or market it? Would anyone even buy?
  • What about all the extra stuff (videos, worksheets, workbooks, promotional images...AHHHH THE OVERWHELM)?!¬†


And most importantly...


Yes, I need to know how!

Imagine This...


  • Knowing how to decide on a profitable course idea.
  • Figuring out what your ideal audience wants to learn about so you know what will sell.
  • Having all the templates you need to get you started so you're not starting from scratch.
  • Making more impact and income on autopilot in the background while you are living your life to it's fullest.
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I have a passion for helping educators like you use the skills you already have to turn those passions into profit. I want you to feel empowered to make more impact and income and truly have the freedom to work from anywhere you have internet connection. 


Your dreams await you!

Thriving Teacher Course Academy will give you everything you need to start that course using your teacher skills and expertise! Turn the things you love and the problems you are already solving into a profitable course idea NOW. 

Imagine this...

It's the weekend. You're obviously not working.


You wake up Saturday morning, check your email, and see a new notification that says, "a new student has just purchased your online course!" 


...Without you having to jump on a sales call, e-mail back and forth, or slide into anyone's DM's in order to make the sale.

Yes, please!

What's Inside

Video Tutorials


Easy to digest videos and tutorials that are all action and no fluff. Get yourself all the proper knowledge for creating your course without wasting any time.

Clear Expectations


Figure out the best ways to find inspiration for what to create and how to create. Stay motivated to keep pushing and meeting and exceeding your goals.

Detailed Workbook


The workbook and planner included is designed to help keep you on track and focused on what you are going to achieve every step of the way.



Ready to use templates to help you make the creation process effortless. No starting from scratch to create your own. The hard work is done for you.

Make an investment in you! 


Your Price $497

  • Prep and Profit: Learn all the steps to plan plan out and come up with a profitable course idea, get over your fears, and find your ideal student.
  • Impact and Income: Outline and market your course, set up for success, and price your course to SELL babyyyyy!
  • Design and Streamline: Learn how to design like a pro in Canva, Create powerful mockups, Learn how to host your own website, and MORE... plus a ton of templates to help you get it all done in no time!
  • And those BONUSES BABYYYY!!¬†All made to help you make your course creation process as efficient and effortless as possible.

Payment Plan








What?! There's Bonus Content?

Email Sequence Templates


You're gonna love these ready made scripts for your launch and webinar sequence for you to pop in your content and course details and go. Grab my proven course email copy and modify it to your course needs!

Coaching Biz Mini-Training


Have you thought about adding coaching to your offerings as a service? This mini-training will help you determine if it will be the right fit, and you will also get pre-made templates to help you streamline your process!

My name is Jillian, and I'm here to help!

I want you to be empowered to make more income and have more freedom as a teacher. Teachers are overworked and undervalued, and now is the time to start taking back your time and getting that income you deserve. I look forward to helping you take your passions and skills and turn them into a course that SELLS. 

How would this change your life?

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to start making consistent passive income using the skills you already have.
  • You want to figure out the best way to come up with profitable course ideas that sell to your ideal student.
  • You've been dreaming of ways to get more¬† freedom to do the things you actually love to do with less effort.
I'm so ready!

Coming at you with the FAQ

Is this really for me?

This is a big decision, and it's totally normal to feel nervous! The end result could be LIFE CHANGING (like it has been for many of my past students).


But here's what I will say: If you desire to help more people, work from home, hit all of your BIG income goals, and you're willing to put in the work - that is ALL you need. I'll help you with the rest.

Let's do this!